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I know almost no woman who does not like jewelry, and especially little ladies love all that glitters! Also my daughters Kaya and Sanne.
Every day my jewelry box sacked because they just like to look like Mom.
For a party wanted my daughter Kaya so the same jewelery as mama. Her quote "everyone can see that we were happy to hear each other."
On this call, I naturally wanted to hear. Really all shops searched for such jewelery, but nowhere to be found!

children's jewelry

A big step .... my own business

To make my dream come true I said at the beginning of 2012 my job and wrote a plan. It was to be their own jewelry business for mothers with daughters that what returns to underprivileged children. Then jewelry designed labels purchased, a website designed and launched.

My Dream

An affordable children's jewelry brand development. No wood or plastic but made from genuine materials such as stone, crystal and freshwater pearls. With matching mommy jewelry so all the special moments of your daughter (birth, baptism, communion, first birthday or honor) can symbolically celebrate together!

It may sound like a Miss World contest, but after working for ten years for a multinational company I want to do something in return. I came in contact with Eduki, a charitable foundation that allows underprivileged children in Gambia to go to school. A perfect match so! That's why I like to donate an amount per piece of jewelry so that a child in Gambia, one week at school. Hitherto five children through donations to school (see Giving Back ).
And I know it will not be easy with a thousand other jewelry online shops ..... but yes, dreams can always do!

For questions you can always contact record with me and you will find me on Facebook and Twitter .
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