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Silver 3 Generation Onyx Bracelets 'Infinite Love'

€79,90 Incl. tax
Article number: T491b
€79,90 Incl. tax

Symbolic for Mother, Daughter & Granddaughter! Infinity bracelets of black onyx beads with silver and silver door parts. We engrave whatever you want, a date, name or sweet word. Personal and symbolic gift. Infinity symbolizes 'eternity', just like the love you feel for each other.

♥ You will receive 3 door-and-forth silver bracelets including engraving of your choice.
♥ Your special words, names and dates will create a gift that is cherished forever.
♥ Extra strong (!) By using professional steel wire with nylon coating with sturdy thread guards at the ends.
♥ You can engrave the front and / or backside (or choose no engraving ).
♥ Easy size adjustable by 3 centimeter extension chain.
♥ Up to 20 characters per side.
♥ AAA quality bead (5 by 6 mm), the highest quality level among freshwater pearls.
♥ The infinity sign is about 1 cm wide by 2.6 cm long.
♥ The begging is handcrafted manually   In our studio with a engraving pen. The pen is attached to a high pressure device that allows you to engrave clearly and deeply. The engraving is thus not "machined candle" or stamped, but literally "handwritten" by Tanja.
♥ In both ancient Egypt and the Greeks and Romans, the black onyx was one of the most important protection and gems. Believes that onyx gives inner strength, endurance and resistance. A very powerful stone, ideal for tough boys and girls.
♥ By jewel, KAYA donates an amount so that a child in Gambia can attend school one week (CSR).