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Mom & Me bracelets 'Turquoise Key to my Heart' - Copy

€29,90 €25,00 Incl. tax
4 WORKING DAYS. Packed in pouch + silver polishing cloth + Greeting card for your message
Article number: k639
€29,90 €25,00 Incl. tax
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♥ In the clasp of his mom 9 rhinestones processed which makes for a nice effect when light falls on it.
♥ The beads are all hand knotted on extra strong double silk thread. Enormous so firmly, yet with a very smooth fit.
♥ With extension chain so you girl for about 2.5 years fun of her bracelet. And a perfect fit for you because you have some slack.
♥ AAA quality gem (5 to 6 mm), the highest level of quality among freshwater pearls.
♥ Luxury wrapped in pink silk sieradenbuildeltje 2, as ready to gift!
♥ Per jewelry KAYA donates an amount so that a child in the Gambia a week to go to school (CSR recognized).

Because of its shape and unfathomable is the pearl shine in many cultures as a symbol of eternity, wisdom and beauty. Pearls are formed on the inside of shells in response to a piece of sand that penetrates the shell. It is estimated that 1 in wild oysters a pearl, the 15000, therefore, almost all cultured pearls nowadays. For this jewelry line we use AAA grade, the highest quality grade freshwater pearls with the best shape and shine.

The beautiful blue stone Turquoise was used in many ancient cultures as a protective stone. It was thought that the bearer of turquoise was warned of danger as the stone changed color. The Aztecs used turquoise therefore to decorate. Their ceremonial masks The Indians of North America, which is still a lot of jewelry set with turquoise, believed that the blue color of the stone was a direct connection between the sky and the lakes.