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★ ★ Charm Personalized engraving

€5,95 Incl. tax
Article number: b50
€5,95 Incl. tax

♥ Note the slightly longer delivery time. If you buy a bracelet, you will receive a longer delivery all at once.
♥ The charms can be attached to each piece of jewelry from the collection (and of course also available separately).
♥ The hand engraved in our workshop with a marking pin.
♥ We engrave the traditional way, with high pressure. So the engraving is not "mechanically straight 'but literally' hand-written 'by Tanja.
♥ We engrave a letter cursive script, such as a handwritten note.
Choose a text to the back or leave it blank.
♥ The heart is approximately 11 mm wide and 12 mm high (without ring).
♥ You can choose whether you want the charm on the clasp of a bracelet, in the middle, or would have done separately.