Baptism and Communion jewelry, as the most beautiful gift of the feast

A little girl who is baptized, a beautiful symbolic moment. She is wearing down a lovely christening dress that perhaps passed down from generation to generation. To the little girl to shine even more KAYA designs special christening bracelets. Only the finest materials: genuine freshwater pearls, gemstones and glittering crystals. A christening bracelet is a beautiful christening gift that they can handle the big day. Each baptismal jewelery comes in a silk sieradenbuideltje, nice to keep the bracelet in it as a special memory of this day. Who knows this dooparmandje just as the dress also passed to the next generation ;-)

The perfect cross for baptism and communion jewelry

I noticed that many christening bracelets of other brands the cross is so large (then dangles so). So I went in search of the perfect cross, not big but not too small either. It worked! The crosses I use christening bracelets are just the right size. And in many crosses are sparkling crystals, after all it is a special day for your baby or little girl!

The most beautiful jewelry elements of genuine freshwater pearls

When your child baptized is a special occasion, there is often used a christening dress that has long been in the family. A beautiful day with a deep meaning, there should a special gift in. Kaya Jewelry has designed wonderful children's jewelry for baptism and communion. A communion jewelry is a wonderful gift for a communicant. Every girl will feel very special with her pearls! Each communion bracelet or necklace is a communion verlengkettingje so perfect pass, and still grows a few years. Then they can keep it in the enclosed sides sieradenbuideltje, a nice memento for later.