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Christmas gift mom idea: personalized jewelry

The most beautiful gift under the Christmas tree; jewelry makes mom happy! What could be better than an engraved classic bracelet with your personal text . Or a silver or gold pendant with all the names of her children in it. She will wear this unique piece of jewelry with pride during the Christmas dinner, the greatest treasures close to her heart! All jewelry is .925 silver, 18 carat gold plated or stainless steel, forever beautiful! And of course festively packaged for under the Christmas tree.

The best Christmas gift for mom or grandma

At Christmas you can put mom or grandma in the spotlight. Mom and grandma, they are special people to cherish and love. What better time to do that than at Christmas? It is always difficult to find a beautiful, special and personal Christmas gift for mom or grandma. KAYA Jewelry has the solution for this. With us you will find an extensive range of jewelry of the highest quality. Especially for Christmas we have listed the bestsellers for you, with this jewelry you will complete her Christmas.

New collection for moms

Does your mother already have a beautiful piece of jewelry from KAYA Jewelry? Then you can opt for an extension. For example, by buying a matching necklace with the bracelet she already has. Or by buying an extra charm and birthstone when the family has expanded. But did you know that we have also added a whole new collection to our jewelry? You can now also have accessories printed with initials or a name. For example, do you want your mother to be able to store her jewelry while traveling so that they remain beautiful? Then shop with us for the leather jewelry organizer with initials . Would you rather that she thinks of you every day, then have your initials printed on a leather wallet .

Shopping for a last minute Christmas present for your mother?

Oops, is it almost that time yet? Do not panic! At KAYA Jewelry, almost all orders placed today are delivered tomorrow. We are dependent on the carriers, but we don't lie. With a passionate, hard-working team, we ensure that your jewelry gets all the attention it deserves. Engravings are placed in the jewelry on the day itself and we pack each piece of jewelry separately in a festive packaging. You don't have to stay at home for this, because our packages fit through the letterbox. If it falls on the doormat, you can put it directly under the tree. Be sure that this is the most special package under the tree!

Gift shopping with a Christmas spirit

At KAYA Jewelry we like it when people can shine with our jewelry. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone. Worldwide, 22 million children do not even go to school. To contribute to 'the world', KAYA donates an amount to the Eduki foundation in Gambia for every order that is placed. More than 23 thousand euros have already been transferred to them, so that children can go back to school and they have a better future perspective. So if you don't just want to give beautiful personalized jewelry as a gift , but also want to contribute to a better world, then you've come to the right place.