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Christmas necklace collection KAYA Jewelry

KAYA is celebrating the holidays this year with an extensive range of Christmas necklaces. From existing collections to a very special Limited Edition Star collection: there is plenty to discover on this page. Are you looking for a beautiful necklace to complete your Christmas outfit, then you will find what you are looking for here. We believe that jewelry tells a story, so the Christmas necklaces each have a special meaning or space for an engraving. This way you create a tangible memory of Christmas 2022. How special is that? Take a quick look and discover what your favorite Christmas necklace from this collection is.

Necklace with Christmas stars and moons

Have you looked at all Christmas necklaces yet? We are all over the moon with the layered moon & stars necklace. As soon as this playful Christmas necklace hangs around your neck, you are completely in the Christmas spirit. And you know what makes this necklace extra fun: you can also wear it on other sparkling occasions such as New Year's Eve or during a chic party. The necklace with Christmas stars and moons is an item that you regularly take out of your jewelry box. Also very nice to combine with a pair of silver or gold Christmas earrings .

Finish your Christmas outfit with a stainless steel Christmas necklace

Recently we introduced our newstainless steel jewelry . This stainless steel jewelry is very strong and does not discolour, so it is not surprising that they are very popular among all age groups. That's why we couldn't resist adding some fine stainless steel chains to this collection of Christmas necklaces. From brunch to extensive dinner; these beautiful necklaces make your Christmas outfit complete. And next year you will simply wear them again: this sustainable jewelry will remain beautiful for years to come. Did you know that stainless steel chains are hypoallergenic thanks to the very low nickel content? So you can also wear them if you have sensitive skin.

Shine with your silver or gold Christmas necklace

At KAYA we know better than anyone that a few beautiful Christmas jewelry will make you shine. Whether you go for a silver or gold Christmas necklace, the piece of jewelry is the finishing touch to your outfit. A classic low-cut dress looks extra beautiful when a charming necklace hangs around your neck. There is a sparkle in your eyes that will not disappear for the rest of the evening. Do you prefer subtle and meaningful, for example with a personal engraving, or do you prefer lots of layers? Layering is the trend of 2022 and we understand if you can't choose between all those magical Christmas necklaces.

Give a personalized Christmas necklace

The best gift for under the Christmas tree? As far as we are concerned, that is something personal that you have devoted time and attention to. A personalized Christmas necklace is a great example of this. This way you can give mom a meaningful necklace with names or initials. How she will glow when she unties the bow from the pink jewelery box. The contents of the box make her beam with pride, now she wears her loves forever. Or how about a luxurious necklace with a sweet text for your partner, you know her well! This golden necklace will keep you connected forever. Do you spend € 20 or more? Then you will receive a freeChristmas bracelet from us. Nice to keep for yourself, so that you too shine during the holidays.

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