Boys Jewelry for Tough Boys!

We have a collection of necklaces designed especially for tough boys! The necklaces’ shapes include hazardous dragons, tough missiles, and wild guitars. This idea came because my son, Daan, 4 years old, felt it was unfair that he had no jewelry. For pretty girls, you search for jewelry, but for boys, there is nothing to search for them. I knew what to do with the calling of Daan. I decided to make him select all the beads and come up with a story with all his favorite characters and animals. He saw as if a serpent was wriggling towards him and then crawling into a real submarine when he saw the chain of beads.
Check out KAYA’s collection of boys jewelry and know more about Daan’s fantasies with different guy necklaces.

Coated with a Real Silver Layer

Our beads necklaces are all plated in silver, which means that they are flattened by silver. Which results in beautiful necklaces strongly finished with a layer of real silver (.925) that will last for a long time with your tough boy.

Cool Shamballa Bracelets for Boys

The trend of 2014 in the world of boys bracelets is the Tibetan Shamballa bracelets. We have a collection of Shamballa bracelets that contain genuine gemstones such as the blue gold stone (dark blue), turquoise (blue), and tiger eye (brown). Through the handy sliding system, the length of the Shamballa bracelet is adjustable. The bracelets are suitable for boys from 2 to 9 years old. The philosophy of the Shamballa bracelets is that the wearer of these bracelets becomes carrier of the power of the gems.

  • Blue Goldstone: Contains small glittering from which powerful energy sparkles! This bracelet is also called the stone of wisdom and science and is said that the stone brings good luck.
  • Turquoise: It is a hot stone. It is said that the turquoise stone brings balance and inner peace.
  • Tiger Eye: this is a protective stone that gives you peace. It is said that tiger eye gives you strength, courage, confidence, and insight in difficult situations.

Mini-me Shamballa

This is to show how special your relationship with your son is. Wear the same Shamballa bracelet as your son. There are also mummy version for mums so as to wear as their boys. You can choose the same gem as your boy’s, or Rose Quartz version for the romantic mum. 

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