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Silver is a precious metal that life-lasting good looks. Nice to get or to give!
KAYA has an extensive range of silver charms and necklaces ladies with a fine price.
Course of genuine Sterling Silver (.925 level), edited the finest inlaid gemstones.

Loose or complete charm necklace?

Many ladies have a silver chain, and look at it a special charm.'s Why we also sell a lot of silver charms loose.
You can also order a .925 silver chain with it yourself, so you have just the right length and design.
Complete silver chains are of course available.

Want a unique specimen?

Silversmithing is an ancient craft that is controlled. By our maker to perfection
The jewelry come from India, Bali and Thailand where they master in making beautiful jewelry.
All jewelry from our collection are made entirely by hand and are of jeweler quality.

Always beautifully packaged

The silver charms and ketttingen wrapped in a silk sieradenbuideltje including a silver polishing cloth.
Nice for yourself to get or to give as gifts equal

Donation to The Gambia by jewel

Because KAYA Jewelry heart for all children, the brand will donate a piece of jewelry sold amounting to a foundation that makes it possible for children to go to school in Gambia: perhaps the jewel that is ...