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KAYA know for years if not to catch other special friendships or love bands in jewelry. An expression from mother to daughter, sister to sister, or between two friends; behind every gift lies a personal story. The Infinity line of KAYA Jewelry captures this infinite love. A perfect gift for your sister, best friend or, of course, for the dearest mother!

Meaning Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol (also called lemniscate in Dutch) stands for infinite love. A wonderful character to use in jewelery. By KAYA you infintiy a bracelet, necklace or loose infinity charm engraved with eg children's names or a symbolic word and / or date to make it even more personal. It symbolizes happy moments or sad events can help to give them a place. KAYA uses the highest quality materials such as sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. Each item is carefully and packaged as a gift. And not unimportant; The ornaments are quite affordable. Let also capture your story in a unique, beautiful and personal adornment.

Make mama happy

Fathers and children, pay attention. As a mom now does not oast flour, we will give the best tip for Mother's Day 2016. Give her a necklace from the Infinity line. Let the names of the children engrave it or put a specific date in the jewelry. Betting that they, besides the beautiful drawings, warm croissants and fresh coffee, great will to get ?!

Sisters and mothers and daughters

"Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters, connected by the heart." Symbolize this beautiful spell with a beautiful jewel-sisters, one for you, one for her. To summarize your special bond in a piece of jewelry every day just to think together. And then the love between a mother and her children; which is forever. Immortalise this band with silver infinity mother and daughter bracelets. You named your daughter, and yours. How symbolic is that?

Kaya Jewelry

KAYA is luxurious baby bracelets , baby bracelets and many more children's jewelry to commemorate special moments like a holiday, baptism, communion, birthday or wedding. KAYA has heart for all children, thus donating the jewelry brand sold by an amount of foundation Eduki.