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Silver charms: mix & match your personal piece of jewelry

At KAYA we transform your special moments into a unique piece of jewelry. With charms that tell your personal story. Each charm is made from .925 sterling silver. There are also some silver plated charms in the offer; forever beautiful! You can go for sweet and subtle charms such as stars, pearls and much more. Did you also know that you can make the charm even more personal with your own engraving? From text to drawing, we can make it for you. Once you have chosen your bracelet or necklace charms , we assemble it into a beautiful piece of jewelry, put a beautiful gift box around it and voilà: a personal gift!

silver charms: for a lasting memory

With charms you can personalize every piece of jewelry. You can choose a new charm for every person or every important moment. This is how you turn a silver charm bracelet into a collection of personal memories. If you also order a necklace or bracelet with the charms, we will put together the piece of jewelery for you. For example, go for the jasseron necklace or a charm bracelet for a child . If you already have a piece of jewelry, you can of course opt for separate charms. We deliver it with an open eye so that you can fix it in the right place yourself.

Create your own silver charm bracelet

Are you looking for new silver charms on your charm bracelet ? Would you like to put together a beautiful charm bracelet? Or are you looking for a unique gift? At KAYA we have a wide range of silver charms that can be hung on a charm bracelet. For example, choose a charm to engrave children's names or go for a special date. We can also engrave a handwritten text or fingerprint. Because of the nice price and the sentimental value, our silver charms for bracelet are the best gift to give to yourself or a loved one.

High quality silver charms

All KAYA silver charms are made of 925 sterling silver. That is the highest grade of silver you can get for jewelry. This keeps it always beautiful. We include a nice cleaning cloth with every order. Is your charm getting a little dull? A little polish and it's like new again!

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