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Buy trendy letter charms

It is the trend of the twenties; jewelry with letter charms. We shop with initials from necklaces to bracelets and even rings. The gold or silver letter charms symbolize our parents, partner or BFF, too cute! Don't you have jewelry with trendy letter charms yet? At KAYA you have come to the right place!

Tell your story with a letter charm

At KAYA, we've known it for a long time. Jewelry is more than just accessories. Your latest necklace or bracelet with a silver or gold letter charm tells a story. You wear the letter charm gold or silver for one or more loved ones. A lost grandfather or grandmother, a best friend who has been abroad for a long time or your partner, you just like to carry him or her on your heart. In addition to being a radiant accessory, the jewelry with letter charms is also a great way to always carry your favorite people with you.

Compose your own piece of jewelry with the alphabet charms from KAYA

With the alphabet charms from KAYA Jewelry you can put together your own piece of jewelry. For example, how about a unique inline necklace with letter , where the charm letter is placed between the chain. Add a birthstone to this and the jewelry is complete! Or would you rather go for a piece of jewelry on which the charm letter silver or gold dangles cheerfully? We attach the small letter plates for you to a fine jasseron or infinity bracelet, to a subtle necklace or you can shop them separately. This way you can attach it to your own piece of jewelry yourself.

Gift a jewelry with letter charm

Of course we understand better than anyone that all those cheerful letter charms make you completely greedy. You prefer to shop everything for yourself, but how nice is it to surprise someone else with this? For a birthday, as a maternity gift or for example on Mother's Day. The letter charms are the perfect gift for every occasion, both on their own or on a bracelet or necklace. Also good to know: all jewelry at KAYA is neatly packed in a luxury gift box or satin bag. This way the package is immediately ready as a gift.

New letter charms for every occasion

What makes the letter charms extra fun as a gift: you can keep adding to the gift. A new (grand)child? You can easily order new charms. This way you can always keep expanding the necklace or bracelet with letter , a real party! The silver and gold charm letters are therefore the ideal gift for any occasion!

Alphabet charms in different shapes and sizes

In the collection of KAYA Jewelry you will find different alphabet charms. With the mini-discs, the letter is already pre-engraved on the silver or (rose) gold mini-disc. You can also opt for the cool block letters or cubes, which are strung on a chain. The slightly larger charms - Vintage disc, Olivia and bars - are also available to be engraved. You provide an engraving yourself, which we place on the charm with love. From a to z: these alphabet charms complete your letter jewelry.

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