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mom pendants Mama silver charms for your bracelet, necklace, or loose

Look gorgeous through and through silver charms to create a personalized mommy bracelet or necklace. Or order the release of charm to your necklace, anything is possible! The basic bracelet and charms are front, from page 2 follows the basic chain with pendants. If you order a bracelet or necklace with charms we assemble all nicely together. Also nice to always expand a little. All charms are of the highest quality silver and packaging we beautiful, a jewel to be cherished forever.

Known for Happinez, KEK mummy, dragonfly, Bridal, WE, Veronica, Fabulous Mama


Mom charms with birthstones or children's names, wear your kids close!

This mama bear with hangers you onzettend much love. Choose to engrave children's names, or a special word or date. So develop beautiful mother pendants with names or a text of your choice engraved in silver. A gift that a piece of mom's heart is in that secured the best gift your mother you received.

Gorgeous mother hangers of the highest quality silver .925

The mother KAYA jewelry from the collection are very suitable for gift giving. Every mom, grandmother or mother will be thrilled when they get the jewel out of the package. Brilliant for your (grand) children to wear into a single mom pendant silver. All pendants mother can be ordered separately. And you want to extract all? Order a e erste Sterling silver necklace with it.

Words of Love collection, Mom charms with sweet lyrics

KAYA presents its new collection "Words of Love" silver pendants with sweet and inspiring texts for Mom or another special person. A very special gift for all moms, mothers and grandmothers of the Netherlands. Because your hair that shows how much your mom means to you. With "Words of Love" necklace give a wish to bring your mom and say 'I love you'. The series "Words of Love" consists of 14 unique pendants, designed by KAYA jewelry and only available online. So really gives a one-of-a-kind necklace. The pendants with inspirational texts are made of sterling silver. Dear spells for Mom ... forever close to your heart. Would you give a personal gift your mother or another special person? Order a unique necklace from the "Words of Love" collection KAYA: Silver pendants with sweet and inspiring texts for Mom or another special person. This shows you how much she means to you. With "Words of Love" necklace you like to wish them the support and say 'I love you'.

Family jewelry collection, bring the love of your family reflected

Your own 'Tree of Life' engraved on a piece of jewelry, how special is that? KAYA engraves with pedigree craft jewelry and incorporated herein for names and Swarovski birthstones. A special gift for grandma, all encased her grandchildren in a jewel. Or wear your kids close to your heart. An emotional gift for mom or grandma where she will thank you for very long. This modern pendant contains the image of your tree. Each branch symbolizes another family. Each family silver pendant has space for engraving. For example, let there be engraved the names of your spouse and children or your grandchildren. So you can very easily create a jewel with your family tree. Not only fun for yourself, but also very suitable as a gift for your spouse, parents or grandparents.