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Personalize the clutch with your name or your own text

A personalized clutch with initials, you want to be seen with that! How does that work? You first choose the color: black, white or pink. Then you decide which initials you want on the clutch. We press this for you in the bag with a heavy press. Within a day (or two, check the delivery times during the ordering process) you will have your personalized clutch at home.

Trendy: leather clutch bag with initials

You see it more and more; a leather clutch bag with initials. Two letters, in a sleek font. Choose the color of the bag and we will get to work for you. Wow, that really completes your outfit! The handle is handy to hold the bag on, but can also be removed. This way you ensure that the trendy clutch fits your outfit.

Give a personalized clutch bag as a gift

When it's your BFF's birthday, you prefer to surprise her with a nice personal gift that will help her. And how nice is it to give a personalized clutch bag as a gift! With her own initials in it, or maybe with yours to confirm your friendship. Very nice when you have such a bag yourself, so that everyone can see that you are BFFs for life. You can also add a matching genuine leather wallet . This way you have a super nice set to give as a gift, although you can of course also give it to yourself!

Your personal clutch with handy storage compartments

When you go out, you usually take your phone, a few cards and some small items with you. A lipstick, barrette or a few handkerchiefs, you know it. Despite the fact that it's only a few things, we all know about grabbing in the bag, in the dark in the pub, damn where is that one pass. That is a thing of the past with this clutch with handy storage compartments. On the inside there are a few small compartments where exactly your bank card fits. Another compartment for your hair clip and the phone goes in the large compartment.

Only initials on the black leather clutch

There is room for two initials on the clutch. Choose your own initials or combine your initials with those of your BFF. A nice gift for yourself and for her: your friendship forever immortalized. A matching leather key ring with name or initials makes it complete.

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