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Now also personalized accessories at KAYA Jewelry!

Maybe you already knew KAYA Jewelry from the personalized jewelry. But did you know that we recently also have a beautiful collection of accessories that you can personalize? Whether you want to have a name, date, initials or a piece of text printed, everything is possible! You choose the color and text, we do the rest. Ordered today is usually delivered tomorrow. To be sure, check the current delivery time that you can find with the product and during checkout, then you can be sure that you will receive your personalized accessory on time.

Which accessories can I personalize?

At the moment you can provide the following accessories with a personal print:

- Personalized leather wallet
- Personalized leather jewelry organizer
- Personalized leather clutch
- Personalized cufflinks
- Personalized keychain

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An accessory with print, ideal promotional gift

At KAYA Jewelry we like to work with groups that are looking for a unique and personalized promotional gift. A wallet with your print for all your teammates? A key ring with a beautiful text for every staff member? Large numbers are no problem for us, we have all products in stock and we have ample production capacity. We like to think and design with you. If you want to know more about it, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you.

Named accessories for charity | Eduki . Foundation

Support a good cause with your purchase! For every item sold, regardless of whether it concerns jewelry or accessories, we donate part of the purchase amount to the Eduki Foundation. This foundation ensures that children in The Gambia can go to school. So, for example, when you buy your personalized jewelry organizer at KAYA Jewelry, you also contribute to this beautiful charity!