Baby Shower gift necessary? Check out our Birth Jewelry!

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Original baby shower gift for the pregnant mom

Celebrate with your friends a baby shower? And you will be surprised well the expectant mom with a gift. See below our collection of unique baby shower gifts. Of sweet baby bracelets, a mother child bracelet set up to luxury silver jewelry in a nice gift box. All meaningful gifts for and put the baby in the sun, the expectant mothers. Bet they do not keep it dry?

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What is a baby shower?

A few weeks before the birth, the expectant mothers put in the spotlight by her friends and family. It is loaded with meaningful cute gifts to celebrate the upcoming motherhood. The house is beautifully decorated and often is brought a beautiful baby cake or cupcakes. Baby Shower tradition come over from America and is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. How nice it is to be properly stopped just before the birth how special it is that a new milestone is coming.

Mother baby bracelets, unique gift for baby and mom

Extra fun is that the bracelets are now also be personalized with a name charm example, text beg personal message or letter of the first name of the child. Huge fun during her first photo shoot or birthday. And, of course, is also thought to be the mother; each baby bracelet has a matching bracelet available mommy. Ideal to surprise a new mother with a special gift. The baby bracelets are very cute to wear and later form a tangible reminder of infancy.

An original baby shower gift

An original baby shower gift is the baby shower complete. Do you want to give to another hug? See below birth jewelry collection for baby and Christmas fresh mommy. For example, a mother-daughter set, so sweet, both linked. Or engrave the baby's name (if you already know) in a piece of silver jewelry. Success guaranteed! jewelery and give a special moment, which is an 'always good' gift for any brand new mom. The children's name has been chosen with care, how nice to capture forever this birth in a silver jewelry? So she always carries her baby close to her heart. Our birth jewelry are all made from luxurious materials, a special memory forever!

A bracelet for big and little sister

Of course you do not forget the big sister with the baby shower, for her, it's all very exciting. One of the best sellers of the new collection are the 'big sister, little sister' bracelets. Super sweet: the special bond between large - and small sister is highlighted by two identical bracelets. Made of bright white pearls, pink crystals and two silver graveerbedeltjes. No problem if more than two siblings in the family, the 'big sister' bracelet can be ordered separately. There is a matching mommy bracelet available. A special gift for a mother and her daughters, but also as a baby shower gift for a girl and her newborn sister. Also new is the faster delivery. If you order before 14:00, the jewelry the next day already in the house. Ideal for those last minute still want to buy a special gift.